Pinkie Rideau

Pinkie Rideau is an award-winning contemporary blues musician, writer, producer, vocalist, and philanthropist. Having had numerous medical problems since childhood as well as her share of heartbreaking love and loss, she will stimulate your senses. Pinkie Rideau has been performing in Northern California since 1982, concentrating her efforts in the Sacramento area.

She has always leaned towards blues as a genre, only for its essence and variety. She has a writing style that sets her apart. A whimsical sassiness that everyone can relate to is exactly what she is shooting for. Whether she's begging for forgiveness in The River or laying out a plain request in Booty Call, you always know what she's singing about and will soon be singing along. Pinkie says she can't imagine what is next in life because she has already done everything she has always wanted to do, and things just get better and better.

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