Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise #40*** 01.28-02.04

To say that I had the time of my life would be a grave understatement. I cried every single day. Just being able to have live blues available for a whole week was exhausting by the third day. I recorded a video to Tim saying, "I can't believe I have four more days of this!!" I was graced to be on stage with Tommy Castro, Albert Cummings, Mitch Woods, Eden Brent, Mr. Sipp, Mathias Lattin, David Julia, Chuk Barber, Eric Gales (on drums for a moment) and almost got to share the stage with Christone Kingfish Ingrahm! 

The food was incredible! The buffet seemed to be open 24 hours, but it wasn't. It closed for like 3 hours or something ridiculous. The food was always fresh and the homestyle grub was right on the mark. Comfort food was dead on. The biscuits & gravy to the stews & soups. Just wonderful! The staff was so friendly it was almost creepy. They all knew my name by the first day because of my shirt! 

I joked that I walked to Honduras! Here it is two weeks later and I'm just now feeling better. (At no point in time do I remember being involved in an MMA match. Yup, that sore.) The salty sea air jacked up my hair and my throat. Deanna Bogart said I had "Boat Throat" from not being used to the salty sea air. Nonetheless, I was on stage 11 times! I told you I was gonna sing! I even wrote a song, "A Virgin on the Blues Cruise" now released on YouTube and 164 music platforms!

Check out the mini photo album in this gallery. Just a few of the beautiful people that graced the ship from January 28th to February 4th, 2024

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