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Pinkie Rideau is an award-winning contemporary blues musician, writer, producer, vocalist, and philanthropist based in Sacramento. Since 1982, her efforts have centered around Sacramento and Northern California, where she has performed so determinedly and consistently for as long as anyone who knows her can remember. 

She has brought about awareness for several charities, and she has helped organize several events for extra funding for these causes. Her music has captured the attention and support of various prestigious blues societies and organizations.

Her whimsical sassiness sets her apart and displays a writing style that resonates with both people who can relate and enthusiasts who have been admiring her work for years. A dedicated vocalist, her songs have a plainness that makes you feel as if her stories are being told to you personally and with utmost sincerity. Her accolades and successes showcase how deserving she is of respect and recognition, as well as how she has widened the relevance and reach of blues music throughout her career. 

She says she can't imagine what is next in life because she has pretty much done everything she has wanted to since childhood. In addition to her artistic pursuits, she is an integral part of a very incredible time in history. So, whether it’s a concert or a one-on-one conversation, Pinkie Rideau will always provide an unseen insight into a story that has only just begun! 

If you're interested in supporting this incredible example of a woman in music, grab some tickets to one of her upcoming shows or shop our music! She is versatile when performing at various events and always puts her all into something unique. She is also more than willing to discuss her journey if you ever want to hear where it has come from and where it is going. 

Also, feel the power of music and creativity to help those who need it most by buying some of her records and taking them home with you as a reminder of her outstanding legacy. If you want to reach out, don't hesitate to get in touch through our contact form.

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